Summer 2008 Concert Festival Guide

A full slate of outdoor concert festivals is on tap for this summer. There will be at least five new high-profile events for the music lover to attend. The success of Bonnaroo and its continuing growth has made the concert festival a major source of revenue for the music business. Last year Bonnaroo grossed $16.8 million in ticket sales which is an increase over last year’s gross ticket sales of $14.7 million. These figures do not include concessions, merchandise or sponsors. In an unusual move for the business, Coldplay is taking a cut of the revenue at the Pemberton Festival in July. The Eagles have been offered a percentage of the ticket sales in addition to their performance fee at the Stagecoach Festival, a California country music festival now in its second year.

As big business meets music in these festival environments, some worry that the concerts will lose their edgy anti-establishment flavor as the increased popularity of the festivals leads to a more homogeneous scene for the music fan. And, overlapping bookings are now very common among these festivals (Jack Johnson will make appearances at six of these festivals this year). The growth that concert festivals are experiencing is starting to mimic the festival scene found in Europe where a lack of sizable venues created a thriving circuit of concerts that feature camping and acts booked to suit regional tastes. There is room for growth of this type of entertainment in the U.S. but this summer will be a true test of how much the market can support. This list presents the top ten events this summer and by no means is it a complete list of all the festivals this summer. Have fun and be safe!

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  Summer 2008 Concert Festival Guide


     Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival
Headliners: Jack Johnson, Portishead, Prince
Where: Indio, California
When: April 25 – April 27
How Much: $269 (3 Day Pass)


Sasquatch! Music Festival
Headliners: R.E.M., The Cure, Modest Mouse
Where: George, Washington
When: May 24 – May 26
How Much: $66.50 (Per Day)

Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival
Headliners: Pearl Jam, Metallica
Where: Manchester, Tennessee
When: June 12 – June 15
How Much: $244.50 (4 Day Pass)

Headliners: Dave Matthews, John Mayer
Where: Rothbury, Michigan
When: July 3 – July 6
How Much: $244.75 (4 Day Pass)

Essence Music Festival
Headliners: Mary J. Blige, Kanye West, Chris Rock
Where: New Orleans, Louisiana
When: July 4 – July 6
How Much: $56 – $110 (Per Day)

Pemberton Festival
Headliners: Coldplay, Tom Petty, Nine Inch Nails
Where: Pemberton, British Columbia
When: July 25 – July 27
How Much: $258 (3 Day Pass)

Headliners: Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine
Where: Chicago, Illinois
When: August 1 – August 3
How Much: $190 (3 Day Pass)

All Points West Music & Arts Festival
Headliners: Radiohead, Jack Johnson, Kings of Leon
Where: Liberty State Park, New Jersey
When: August 8 – August 10
How Much: $89 (Per Day) $258 (3 Day Pass)

Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival
Headliners: Beck, Radiohead, Tom Petty
Where: San Francisco, California
When: August 22 – August 24
How Much: $225.50 (3 Day Pass)

Austin City Limits Music Festival
Headliners: Foo Fighters, Beck, Robert Plant
Where: Austin, Texas
When: September 26 – September 28
How Much: $170 (3 Day Pass)

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The Phoenix Mystery Lights Return

It’s been over ten years but the mysterious lights that appeared over Phoenix, Arizona in the 90s have made a reappearance over the desert sky. Any local entities that might have had an explanation for the phenomenon last time do not have any explanations for the eerie lights over Phoenix this time either. Local airports, law enforcement and most importantly, the Air Force, all claim no knowledge of any activity in the area that could possibly explain the Phoenix Lights.

Thousands of people witnessed the original appearance of the Phoenix Lights in March of 1997 as they formed a triangle flying formation at an altitude of approximately 1,000 feet. Any explanations made by authorities as to the source of the lights (flares, weather balloons etc.) were roundly rejected by witnesses who say the lights were “too symmetrical” and the formation was “too constant in shape” as the lights moved slowly through the sky. This time the lights appeared in random sequences.

The mystery lights were visible to witnesses for about 13 minutes on Monday evening. Airline pilots did not report anything unusual in the sky on April 21 but some air traffic controllers in the area reported seeing the mystery lights. However, no unusual objects were spotted on their radar scopes. And, unlike the 1997 appearance which included sightings from Arizona, Texas and northern Mexico, the mystery lights were only seen in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Reportedly, a resident of the area claims that his neighbor was responsible for the lights in the sky when he launched a set of helium balloons with flares attached in one-minute intervals. Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington, a former Air Force pilot, said last year he believes the lights to be Unidentified Flying Objects. What do you think?

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Today Is April 20th

And, we assume you know what time it is…….


So, don’t be late……

Tanya Roberts We Salute You!

Tanya Roberts We Salute You!

Have you heard the radio spots for a Las Vegas resort called Tahiti Village? The woman who is telling us that “Las Vegas is calling baby!” is Tanya Roberts. She promises all kind of stuff if you go visit the resort, but what you really want is to know who in the heck is Tanya Roberts and why does she seem so familiar?

Tanya Roberts was born in the Bronx, New York in 1955. She studied acting under Lee Strasberg and Uta Hagen. In her early years in New York she supported herself as an Arthur Murray dance instructor and by modeling. She appeared in off-Broadway productions of Picnic and Antigone and in television commercials for Ultra Brite, Clairol and Cool Ray sunglasses.


In 1977 Tanya and her husband moved to Hollywood. She began appearing in such made-for-TV films as Pleasure Cove (1979 TV), Zuma Beach (1978 TV) and Waikiki (1980 TV). Her film debut was in Forced Entry (1975).

After appearing in several minor films, her first big break came when she was selected as the last angel in the hit series Charlie’s Angels in its final season (1976) and  Tanya was featured on the cover of People Magazine in February 1981.

And, of course, she made the obligatory appearances on The Love Boat and Fantasy Island that was seemingly required of 1970s celebrities.


The attention she received as the newest (and last) Charlie’s Angel helped secure her most significant film parts: The Beastmaster (1982) (she posed for the cover and an inside spread in Playboy to promote the film), the title role in Sheena (1984) and as a Bond girl in A View to a Kill (1985).

She continues to appear in films, though mainly direct-to-video and direct-to-cable features. She is featured in the CD computer game The Pandora Directive (1996) and had a recurring lead role in the TV series That ’70s Show as the character Midge Pinciotti. Now you might be able place her. Or, you could just call Tanya and book your complimentary suite today and go see her for yourself.

We salute you Tanya Roberts!

Celebrity Tax Evaders

Actor Wesley Snipes has been sentenced to three years in prison for his “brazen defiance” of the Internal Revenue Service. Snipes, who is 45 years old, starred in some notable films including “Demolition Man”, “White Men Can’t Jump”, and “Blade”. The three year prison sentence is the maximum possible sentence allowable in this case. Prosecutors called Snipes a “truly notorious offender” as they explained to the court how Snipes evaded $15 million in taxes through a scheme in which he concealed millions of dollars in taxable income in offshore accounts, applied for tax refunds and mailed threatening letters to government employees during the tax fraud investigation.


During the proceedings, Snipes’s lawyers attempted to give the court three envelopes containing checks that amounted to $5 million dollars. The judge and prosecutor declined to accept the money but the IRS promptly accepted the money for itself during the next court recess. The judge meted out the three year prison sentence to Snipes despite thirty-three pleas for leniency including pleas from Denzel Washington and Woody Harrelson. Snipes employed two tax advisers who had previous convictions for tax crimes and they were sentenced to prison as well.

 Here is a list of some other celebrity tax evaders that you may find very interesting:

Spiro Agnew, U.S. Vice-President     Martin Luther King, Jr., Clergy
 Chuck Berry, Musician        Don King, Promoter
Peabo Bryson, Musician
Lyndon LaRouche, Politician
George H.W. Bush, U.S. President
Sophia Loren, Actress
Earl Butz, Politician
Marvin Mitchelson, Lawyer
Al Capone, Gangster
Peter Max, Artist
Judy Carne, Comedienne
Willie McCovey, Athlete
Crazy Cabby, Radio Personality
Willie Nelson, Musician
Roger Clinton, President’s Brother
Frank Nitti, Gangster
Randy Cunningham, U.S. Congressman
Luciano Pavarotti, Opera Singer
Red Foxx, Comedian
Richard Pryor, Comedian
Bobby Fischer, Chess Champion
Pete Rose, Athlete
Heidi Fleiss, Whore
Marc Rich, Financier
Garrincha, Soccer Player
Steve Rubell, Studio 54 Owner
John Gotti, Gangster
David Ruffin, Musician
Angie Harmon, Actress
Wesley Snipes, Actor
Richard Hatch, Reality Show Winner
Darryl Strawberry, Athlete
Sherman Hemsley, Actor
Lawrence Taylor, Athlete
Leona Helmsley, Entrepreneur
James Traficant, Jr., Congressman
Arianna Huffington, TV Commentator
Gloria Vanderbilt, Fashion Designer
The Isley Brothers, Musicians

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Fake Reality: Did You Fall For It?

Okay, if you haven’t figured out by now, reality shows are fake. Totally fake. Scripted reality? Yep, the writers of “reality shows” are now demanding more money for their talents. These writers are insisting that “reality shows” abide by the Writers Guild contract guidelines. It was this Guild’s strike in 1988 that caused the whole reality TV genre to happen upon us in the first place. And, this “reality show” plague is showing no signs of slowing with 21 new “reality shows” being readied for release in 2008.

“Reality show” producers are worrying that once audiences start believing the “realness” of these shows is less than “real” the ratings will fall. The writers are cleverly called “segment producers” and they write scripts called “paper cuts”. The written lines are actually fed to the “reality show” participants in the various situations that the producers stage for the purpose of simulating “reality”. Often, providing lots of alcohol helps to kick start the “reality.”

“Reality starlets” from the MTV show “The Hills” have admitted that conversations are faked and dramatic situations are staged. One “reality show”, “A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila” is based on the premise that the star of the show, Tila Tequila, is a bi-sexual woman in search of true love. Truth be told, Tila Tequila is a heterosexual woman who is faking her bi-sexuality for the sake of creating this blatant sham on television. During the filming of the first season while she was supposedly looking for “true love”, Tila actually was in an ongoing relationship with a man. Really sad, Tila, shame on you! We bet you’ll pick a woman in season 2 just to make it seem “real” since you know we’re on to your scam….

 MTV’s “The Hills” has been released in the U.K. with the following disclaimer:

“The following program may contain scenes that have been created purely for entertainment purposes.”

     Types of Reality Shows

  • Documentary Style
  • Special Living
  • Celebrities
  • Professional Activity
  • Elimination
  • Game Show
  • Dating Competition
  • Job Search
  • Fear
  • Sports
  • Self-Improvement
  • Makeover/Renovation
  • Hidden Camera
  • Hoaxes
     Some Faked Reality Shows

  • A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila
  • Hogan Knows Best
  • Meet the Kardashians
  • The Hills
  • Victoria Beckham: Coming To America
  • Gene Simmons Family Jewels
  • Celebrity Apprentice
  • Snoop Dogg’s Fatherhood
  • My Fair Brady
  • Flavor of Love
  • Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County
  • The Real Housewives of Orange County
  • The Real Housewives of New York City
  • Scott Baio is 46 and Married/Pregnant


And, The Reality Is…

The “reality shows” that engage in
this television quackery are the
that somehow involve celebrities or
people who realize that
instant fame
may come with the territory. Both use
“reality shows” as
modern public relations
tools to shape their public brand image.

“Reality shows” are used to launch instant
careers for the unfamous or to restart the
careers of the infamous. The rip-off that
has been
perpetrated upon the viewers is
Hollywood’s version of lip-syncing…and, we
all know lip-syncing is a crime, don’t we?

Always insist
on authentic television
programming for you and your family.
Faking reality is a crime!

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