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Super Buffet Take-Out Bag
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Super Buffet Take-Out Bag
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B.C. The Comic Strip Is 50 Years Old!

B.C. turns fifty years old today! The comic strip was created by Johnny Hart and first appeared on February 17, 1958. Mr. Hart did the writing and drawing for his comic strip until his 2007 death. B.C. is one of the longest continuous running comic strips drawn by its original creator. Johnny Hart’s daughter and grandson are now responsible for the writing and drawing duties of the comic strip.


Besides B.C., the caveman main character, we suppose that most of the characters in the comic strip, human or otherwise, are celebrating their golden anniversary as well. Here is a list of B.C. characters that have appeared over the years.

 B.C.’s Human Characters:
    ▪    Peter: a philosopher, founder of Prehistoric Pessimists Society and the Column of Truth.
    ▪    Clumsy Carp: a very clumsy spectacle-wearing conservationist.
    ▪    Curls: a highly cynical individual.
    ▪    Thor: inventor of the wheel, the well, the rake, the comb, among other things.
    ▪    Wiley: an unshaven, woman-fearing, water-hating, one-legged poet, and baseball manager.
    ▪    Grog: a wild man with a one-word vocabulary and the strength to knock out the sun.
    ▪    Fat Broad: a fat, bossy, and muscular cavewoman who enjoys clobbering snakes.
    ▪    Cute Chic: a beautiful, blonde cavewoman.

B.C.’s Animal Characters:
    ▪    The early bird and the early worm.
    ▪    The woodpecker (Wiley’s worst enemy).
    ▪    The tortoise and the bird, inseparable friends.
    ▪    Maude: an ant with a smart-alec son and a husband who has a girlfriend named Shirley.
    ▪    The Queen Ant: an unfeeling and abusive dictator.
    ▪    Various other ants including a schoolteacher and her students.
    ▪    The anteater: (up to four of them appeared at once).
    ▪    The purple-bellied dingwhopper–the last of its species.
    ▪    The dinosaur.
    ▪    The clams, talking clams with legs.
    ▪    The snake, the Fat Broad’s worst enemy.
    ▪    The apteryx, a “wingless bird with hairy feathers” (as he introduces himself).

Spy Satellite: Ready! Aim! Fire!

An announcement was made yesterday by the Pentagon that the U.S.A. plans to shoot down the spy satellite that is in a declining orbit around the earth. Officials said this action is intended to down the satellite before it returns to earth because of a toxic fuel on-board called hydrazine. The Pentagon insists that the shoot-down is not military posturing, a show of force or a show of military technology. Pentagon officials have said that they plan on using modified SM-3 missiles which will be fired from a navy cruiser stationed off the Northwest coast of Hawaii.


This is the first
time a tactical weapon will be used to engage and destroy a spacecraft.
Left alone, the spy satellite would hit earth around the first week of
March. Approximately one-half of the 5,000 pound spy satellite would
survive its descent through the earth’s atmosphere. The spy satellite,
formally known as USA-193, malfunctioned after launch in December of
2006. The spy satellite contains 1,000 pounds of frozen hydrazine and
the metal tanks containing the toxin could survive re-entry to the
earth’s atmosphere. Hydrazine is very dangerous to humans and the


Military officials said that there is an 80% chance of hitting the wayward spy satellite. The shoot-down attempt would be made when the spy satellite is at an altitude of around 150 miles high. The opportunity for the shoot-down opens in 3 or 4 days and lasts about a week. The spy satellite must be downed before it hits the earth’s atmosphere. Otherwise, normal atmospheric disturbances would make hitting the spy satellite “next to impossible.”

Perhaps this is the real reason for shooting down the spy satellite: “We are worried about something showing up on eBay,” intelligence expert John Pike told the Associated Press. “What they have to be worrried about is that a souvenir collector is going to find some piece, put it on eBay and the Chinese buy it,” said Pike.

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ALERT: Huge Art Heist In Zurich



An armed gang of three thieves with very good taste in art robbed the Emil Georg Bührle Collection in Zurich, Switzerland of four major paintings last Wednesday night. The paintings are currently valued at about $163.2 million dollars. However, these paintings are so well-known that they could never be sold on the open market a museum official said.

The stolen paintings consist of major works by the artists Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and Vincent Van Gogh.

The theft of this historical art is considered to be the largest art heist in the last twenty years. A Zurich police official has stated that the thieves stole “the four finest in the Zurich museum’s collection.” The police described the art heist as “spectacular” in its speed, its precision and its thoroughness. The thieves are still at large but they do have some very lovely pictures to look at while they lay low.

This tragic event is just two days after two  paintings by the ever famous Spanish painter, Pablo Picassso, were stolen from an exhibit in the Zurich area. The Zurich police say that they have no concrete clues in this case and the stolen artwork is valued at around $4.5 million dollars.

Selector: New Madness Single–NW5

Madness, as you know, is ska band from Camden Town, London. Madness formed in 1976 and were instrumental in the late 1970s ska/2Tone revival. Most of their success was achieved in the 1980s however, spending a total of 214 weeks on the U.K. singles charts along with UB40. It took UB40 over 10 years to hit their peak on the singles charts, while Madness was able to achieve this feat in only 6 years (1980 to 1986).

Madness continues to
perform to this day with the original lineup of 7 members which has
remained fairly constant with slight variations over the years. In
2004, the band played a series of concerts on the down-low

knocking out covers of classic reggae and ska songs. Many of the songs
played by the band were songs performed when they were first forming as
a ska band in the 1970s. Madness performed these songs as a celebration
of their 25th anniversary as a band. Following this series of
surprising concerts Madness released their newest album
to date
“The Dangermen Sessions Vol. 1″, in August of 2005.

Madness - NW5 / Bittersweet - Single

Madness - The Dangermen Sessions Vol. 1

The new Madness song “NW5 (I Would Give You Everything)” and a re-recorded version of “It Must Be Love” were featured in the German film Neues vom Wixxer. The two songs were released in Germany as a double A-Side, and both of them were turned into music videos. While promoting “Sorry”, a source close to the band confirmed in an interview that there will be a  performance of Madness’ updated version of their song “Baggy Trousers”, entitled “Baggy Jeans”. The updated song will be featured on Madness’ upcoming studio album, and also released as a single.  It has been predicted the song will be a “huge smash guaranteed”, although the date of release is not yet known. However, lead singer Suggs has stated that the album will be released in January 2008, although it has not yet been given an official release date. As of February 2008, the album remains unreleased although various band members have stated it is to be a concept album entitled “The Liberty Of Newton Folgate”. It was announced in September 2007 that Madness would embark on a seven date U.K. stadium tour including a date at The O2 in London. Both the London dates of the tour were recorded live for limited distribution. A re-recorded version of “NW5” was released on January 14, 2008 in the UK reaching no.24 and a new album is scheduled for release later in the year.

Madness was scheduled to perform at the 2008 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival but plans fell through in the early stages, however, the band are in talks with other worldwide festivals for dates in summer 2008. The greatly anticipated new album entitled “The Liberty of Newton Folgate” was rumored for a March 2008 release. Now that March has passed, we still have no new Madness album, but we do have a 2 song single release for your listening enjoyment. Both the new Madness singles “NW5 (Full Length Version)” and “Bittersweet” and the “Dangermen Sessions Volume 1” are super kick ass riddims from one of our favorite ska bands of all time (then, now, and forever).  Definitely one step beyond! Do the rocksteady!

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Take-Out Technology: Pizza Tracker

Domino’s, the leader in pizza-delivery, has unveiled a new technology, called Pizza Tracker, that enables a customer to literally track their pizza from the moment they place the order until it leaves the store to in a delivery vehicle. What’s Domino’s declares that its online tracking system — for phone or online orders — is accurate to within 40 seconds.

      “We’re filling that black box of uncertainty — ‘Has my pizza been
forgotten?’ —
with information and entertainment,” says Chris
McGlothlin of Domino’s.

The new high-tech pizza tracking system went live on January 30th at approximately 3,400 Domino’s outlets and will be in all stores by June 30th of this year. The system even gives customers the first names of the workers who take their phone order and deliver their pizza — and asks customers to rate them.

In a nation that can track delivery of everything from FedEx packages to catalog orders, it’s now come down to a high-tech battle for  tonight’s meal which will hopefully be pizza. The move by Domino’s is aimed at a youthful target consisting of mostly 30 and under computer users.

With the new system,
after an order is placed, the customer can go to, click on
the Pizza Tracker icon and follow the progress of the order. The site
confirms that the order has been received, when the pizza is in the
oven, when it’s been boxed and when it’s left the store.
However, a key part of
the pizza’s journey cannot be tracked: the drive from Domino’s to the front door of your home. But Domino’s can tell folks when their pizza left the store and they say it should arrive within nine minutes of that time.
Rival Pizza Hut is unimpressed. already provides an
estimated time when customers will receive their orders, says Bob
Kraut, Vice President of Marketing.

 Rival Pizza Hut is unimpressed. already provides an
estimated time when
customers will receive their orders, says Bob
Kraut, Vice President of Marketing.

Embrace the technology. Your plzza is now smart.

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