Art Market 2007 – The Top Ten


The top ten most expensive works of fine art sold at auction in 2007.
Total auction sales of over $324.0 million for this group of 10 artists.


Artist: Francis Bacon
Title: Second Version of study for bullfight no. 1
Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 78.7 x 58.1 in. / 200 x 147.7 cm.
Sold For: 45,961,000 US$


Artist: Paul Gauguin
Title: Te poipoi (Le matin)
Oil on canvas
Size: 26.8 x 36.2 in. / 68 x 92 cm.
Sold For: 39,241,000 US$


Artist: Mark Rothko
Title: Untitled – Red, blue, orange
Oil on canvas
Size: 66.6 x 49.4 in. / 169.2 x 125.4 cm.
Sold For: 34,201,000 US$


Artist: Henri Matisse
Title: L’odalisque, harmonie bleue
Oil on canvas
Size: 23.7 x 19.5 in. / 60.3 x 49.5 cm.
Sold For: 33,641,000 US$


Artist: Francis Bacon
Title: Self portrait
Oil on canvas
Size: 14 x 15.9 in. / 35.5 x 40.5 cm.
Sold For: 33,081,000 US$


Artist: Pablo Picasso
Title: Femme accroupie au costume turc, Jacqueline
Oil on canvas
Size: 45.6 x 35.1 in. / 115.8 x 89.2 cm.
Sold For: 30,841,000 US$


Artist: Amedeo Modigliani
Title: Portrait du sculpteur Oscar Miestchaninoff
Oil on canvas
Size: 32 x 25.6 in. / 81.2 x 65 cm.
Sold For: 30,841,000 US$


Artist: Pablo Picasso
Title: Tête de femme (Dora Maar)
Medium: Bronze
Size: 31.50 in. / 800 cm.
Sold For: 29,161,000 US$


Artist: Jeff Koons
Title: Hanging heart (Magenta/Gold)
Medium: Chromium stainless steel/transparent color coating & brass
Size: 116.6 x 85 x 40 in. / 296.2 x 215.9 x 101.6 cm.
Sold For: 23,561,000 US$


Artist: Andy Warhol
Title: Liz
Medium: Synthetic polymer, silkscreen inks and acrylic on linen
Size: 40 x 40 in. / 101.6 x 101.6 cm.
Sold For: 23,561,000 US$

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Led Zeppelin To Headline Bonnaroo?

It is now official! The 7th Annual Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival is now confirmed for the dates June 12–15, 2008. The four-day camping and music festival will once again be held a beautiful, 700-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee.

Announcements regarding the 2008 line up will be made in late January/early February. Meanwhile, it has been rumored that Led Zeppelin will be headlining at 2008’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival in Manchester.

Led Zeppelin, probably the greatest rock and roll band of all time, has not played together since the early 1990’s. They recently announced a one time only tribute show at O2 Arena in London for the late Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegün. Over 20 million fans from all over the globe requested tickets to the December 10 show. It cost at least $2,000 dollars to buy a ticket on the resale market. Led Zeppelin has not made any official announcements of any dates outside of their December 10th reunion concert at London’s O2 Arena.

Like The Police in 2007, Led Zeppelin’s possible decision to headline “the largest hippy festival in the world,” frequented by college students on summer break is a great way to introduce themselves to a new (think link: younger) group of hardcore fans. Many older performers are now actively engaged in selling themselves to a new generation.

The four-day festival begins June 12, and the official Bonnaroo website states that tickets will go on sale in March of 2008. Now is a good time to start saving and planning for this great annual event.

Unfortunately, after a rumor that Led Zeppelin and Metallica would headline the 2008 Bonnaroo festival, which caused an internet rumor frenzy, the event’s promoters have spoken out to quash the reports.

“The rumors that are out there about the Bonnaroo 2008 headliners are inaccurate,” Superfly Presents and A.C. Entertainment said in a statement released to “We’re very excited about the lineup that we’re putting together for this year’s festival. We’ll be announcing the confirmed lineup toward the end of January/beginning of February.

Will they play or not? A good promoter would deny the rumor in order to keep fueling the internet hype/rumor machine and optimize the free publicity, perhaps even leaking some rumors on their own. Imagine the ticket sales if you combine a legendary band with a web full of rumors and a fan base that wouldn’t miss this performance for anything. In this case, fan speculation will be worth millions of dollars to the promoters. Just good old ballyhoo on their part! Check out the promoter’s quote above, parse it and pause. Did they say anything about Led Zeppelin in their quote. No not at all. They only referred to the “headliners” which are as yet not named. Hmmmm……

Our opinion at the c>log is that this is part of the promotion for this year’s festival and you will most likely get to see Led Zeppelin perform. Why? Because “it’s been a long time” since they rock ‘n’ rolled…

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c>log Logology

Logology (log-o-log-y): The study of log based foods, products, arts and sometimes services. Not an all-inclusive definition by any stretch of the imagination. Logology is also the study of words with an emphasis on letter patterns, often as part of recreational wordplay such as anagrams, palindromes and isograms, rather than on meaning. Remember, it’s all about the wordplay, recreational or otherwise….and, yes, we do know we said “log”.

Let us begin with the most famous and iconic logs of all time: The Stuckey’s Pecan Log Roll (mmmm).

A pecan log roll is a confectionery popularized by the roadside convenience store, Stuckey’s. Pecan log rolls are described by the company’s website as “fluffy, cherry-laced nougat wrapped in fresh caramel and pecans.” While it’s not exactly known who created the very first pecan log roll, many would argue that it was Mrs. Stuckey who actually perfected it. The signature item within all Stuckey’s stores and the “must have” purchase during family travel stops from the 1950’s through today, the candy was first made in the candy kitchen attached to each store.

In eight Stuckey’s stores in the years after World War II, employees faithfully followed Mrs. Stuckey’s original southern recipe. The maraschino cherry-laced nougat was hand dipped in hot, creamy melted caramel, then before cooling, freshly shelled pecan halves would be liberally sprinkled onto the caramel. Each pecan log roll was hand wrapped and delivered straight to the customer.

Stuckey’s success was largely due to the humble pecan, and the willingness of founder William Stuckey to exploit a stereotypical image of the South to the fascination of Northerners headed to Florida. Before World War II, Mr. Stuckey was already selling pecans in Georgia. In his hometown of Eastman, he opened the first roadside stand in 1936, selling pecans and pecan candy to motoring tourists. His wife Ethel concocted the recipe for the company’s famous Pecan Log Roll, their No. 1 seller even today. Soon they added Texaco gasoline to their store, added two more locations, and a Southern icon was made. Mr. Stuckey himself once remarked, “Thank God the North won the War. It would have been awful if there hadn’t been any Yankees to sell to.”

Over the years the chain expanded, selling an unbeatable combination of food, candy, gas, and trinkets. Stuckey quickly capitalized on the advent of the automobile age advertising in The New Yorker and the Saturday Evening Post. His ads touted the “exotic taste thrills of the Deep South,” and that only “Southern Experts” prepared the spiced pecans. Stuckey’s became known as the place to “refresh, refuel, and relax.” His billboards dotted the highways throughout the south, and new stores cropped up everywhere…you’ve seen ’em.

 The most famous log in the world….  A futuristic log cabin?

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Gotta See It: Walk Hard–The Dewey Cox Story

Walk Hard-The Dewey Cox Story opens today Friday, December 21 at theaters almost everywhere. This new movie has got everything we love here at the c<log: rock ‘n’ roll, parody, comedy, irony, sideburns, pompadours, sharp clothes and unexpected cool cameo appearances. You can “watch hard” and you can “count hard” but the pop culture references in this film are too numerous to enumerate. Awesome! This is must-see cinema! We will be first in line to see this movie for sure!

The producer of Walk Hard came up with the idea for the film after noticing that the basic plots to most modern musician biopics are very similar.
(think link: Walk the Line, Ray, La Bamba and The Buddy Holly Story)

The tongue-in-cheek references in this fake biopic were drawn from a variety of sources. The producer and director of Walk Hard noted that they watched various types of biopics for inspiration including those of Jimi Hendrix and Marilyn Monroe. Despite the humorous approach, the film was crafted in the serious tone of films ear-marked for an Oscar, adding to the irony.

John C. Reilly, who actually sings and plays guitar was chosen to play the title role. The movie itself turned into a parody of Walk the Line as Dewey Cox closely mirrors Johnny Cash.”We took the clichés of movie biopics and just had fun with them,” Reilly said. The movie’s poster is a reference to the “young lion” photos of Jim Morrison and is used on for the soundtrack art as well.


                           John C. Reilly - Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Edition]

Several stars make cameos in the roles, some playing other music stars. The “deliberate miscasting” was intended to enhance the comedy, parody and the irony.

  • Jack White has a small role as a kung-fu inspired Elvis Presley….
  • Jack Black plays Paul McCartney as only he can….
  • Paul Rudd plays John Lennon with a full-tilt Liverpool accent….
  • Jason Schwartzman plays a very “convincing” Ringo Starr….
  • Justin Long sits in as George Harrison….

Several stars appear as themselves in Walk Hard.

  • Eddie Vedder
  • Jewel
  • Jackson Browne
  • Lyle Lovett
  • Ghostface Killa

The plot follows a fictional musician named Dewey Cox as he skyrockets to fame coming from humble beginnings and eventually gets caught up in the fame of rock and roll. Jenna Fischer plays his backup singer and second wife, Darlene. One of the pervasive themes of the movie is the fact that he accidentally cut his brother in half at the waist when he was a child.

Check out the official trailer for Walk Hard courtesy of Columbia Pictures. See you at the theater this Friday!

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