The Implausible Architecture Of Mike Brady

Mike Brady, a widowed architect, doing business mostly in Hollywood, California designed a unique home in the San Fernando Valley for his new blended family of a wife and six kids plus a dog and a housekeeper. Much praise and even more controversy has been directed at Mike Brady, Architect, since he built his split-level home in the valley on such a peaceful street in Southern California.

Mike Brady-Architect

Mike Brady, Hollywood Architect, Manages the Impossible

The Brady House

Mike Brady knows you can’t see the outside and the inside at the same time, and that’s how he likes it.

You’ll maybe eventually notice it, but it seems the interior of the home is much more than what you see when you come up the sidewalk. It just doesn’t jive. And that’s how Mike Brady likes it; for he knows you can’t see the outside and the inside at the same time. That’s why he works in Hollywood. Mike Brady knows the tricks of the trades in Hollywood. Brady knows his stagecraft very well.

Brady House Downstairs

The Brady Home Symbolized “California Living”

In the San Fernando Valley of California, there is a very famous American home and landmark – the split-level suburban home that housed one of television’s most beloved families, the Brady Bunch. The home, used for the exterior views of the Brady home, is not a true two-story structure.

The interior set was already being constructed when this home was chosen as the representative view of the Brady house. Only on television and film can we have a house that cannot contain the supposed interior floor plan. A fake window was added to house to give it the appearance of a true second story.

Brady House Upstairs

The Brady’s famous and very beige, ranch-style home first appeared in the second episode of the Brady Bunch in 1969. The typical 70s era home that is the Brady’s appeared in almost all of the 115 episodes that completed the rest of the television series. Television viewers saw the Brady’s house from several canned angles during each show.

Brady House Blueprints

Actual Blueprints Found in the Back of the Brady Station Wagon

The private home was selected for use on the series because it symbolized California living. As you can see, it was not really built for 8 people, a housekeeper and a dog. The interior doesn’t match in the exterior. The upstairs doesn’t match the downstairs. Architect Mike Brady won’t comment on this or any other subject.

Many Faces Of Mike Brady

The House Exterior Was Only A Symbol, Brady Can’t Explain Interior …

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