Welcome To The Carousel Club

Downtown Dallas. The year is 1963. Across the street from the Hotel Adolphus and upstairs from a delicatessen – it is the famously infamous Carousel Club. Jack Ruby is your host for the evening and the furthest thing from his mind is killing the assassin of a U.S. President. Jack’s got girls, girls, girls (to manage) and money, money, money (to count).

Jack Ruby Business Card

The outside of his club is plastered with faded show posters depicting racy burlesque dancers and the promise of non-stop action and beverage service at the bar. The cover charge is $2.00 and the club is crowded with all types and persuasions who occupy the three stages in the club.

Carousel Club Exterior

A thick haze of smoke lingers in the stale room with flocked wallpaper and thick red carpet as the dancers gyrate in front of gold curtains to the music from a small band. Drinks come in cheap Mexican highball glasses and the ice is barely frozen. But, the joint is jumping tonight. And, watching it all happen from the corner of the club is Jack Ruby…your host.

Your Host Jack Ruby

Watching it all happen from the corner of the club is Jack Ruby … your host.

The Carousel Club is located next door to the Colony Club where the famous burlesque dancer Candy Barr packs the house nightly. Jack Ruby had to go all the way to New Orleans to find a stripper who could compete with the action at the Colony Club.

Jada-Jack Ruby

He hired a burlesque dancer named Jada who liked to use unusual props and very fancy costumes in her stage act. Jada was in a constant struggle with Jack Ruby over how much she could reveal on stage and she was the source of continuing frustration for the club owner. Her act was so hot that Jack Ruby worried that she might cause him to be shut down by the authorities.

Jack Ruby and Women

There is almost always a cop at the bar or in the audience at The Carousel Club. Jack Ruby encouraged their attendance at his club and they get a free beer when they come to the club. Not many officers actually took advantage of the free beer and royal treatment at The Carousel Club.

Carousel Club Dancer

The police were rarely called to Jack Ruby’s club in an official capacity – Jack liked to police his own bar and his employees. Some say Jack Ruby has a dual personality. He often performed great acts of generosity for his dancers, like paying for vacations or maternity leaves. But, Jack Ruby could be a monster too. It’s said that he has pushed dancers down staircases in states of extreme rage.

Jack Ruby liked to carry guns and he was certainly capable of murder.

Jada, the dancer, has stated in interviews that Jack Ruby liked to carry guns and he was certainly capable of murder. But, that’s no matter now. The comedian has finished his bit, the band is seating itself and the next burlesque dancer peeks at the audience from behind a gawdy gold curtain.

Your Host Jack Ruby Card

At the back of club, next to a tacky painting of a stallion and watching your every move, is your host … Jack Ruby.

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