Billy’s First Stag Reel

It’s a mid-century Saturday night and Billy’s father is hosting a “movie night” at the local Odd Fellows Lodge for fellow lodge members, a few city councilors, a few Civitans, a few guys from the Moose Lodge and several friendly police officers.

Billy's First Stag Reel

Billy’s father probably won’t be able to tend to the movie projector after downing a  few drinks with his friends, so Billy is learning his first trade – projector operator for a Stag Night at the lodge.

Billy likes what he sees …

Billy is at that awakening age, and he sees the frames in the film he is learning to thread into the projector. Billy likes what he sees so he will make sure Pop gets all the cocktails he wants and more.

Tonight’s entertainment will include a showing of Naughty Girls Cheesecake Film (Episode 2) Silent dub, 16mm.

Bebe Zona Lou

You can watch it here …. but, Billy beat you to it.

Very mild by today’s standards indeed.