Model No. 701

Young men’s three-button notch lapel style. Very distinctively styled. Order yours today!

The Wonderful Future That Never Was

Flying cars, mail delivery by parachute … but more importantly, where is my damn jet pack? I want my jet pack!

Awful Food: Melon Mousse 

Since your guests enjoy gelatin so much, use some with a softened and heavily beaten cantaloupe to make this awfully delicious mousse mold. Your guests will hopefully thank you!

Bon appétit! Or, non appétit?

I’ll Help You Pack

Her:  “You must choose between your records and me.”

Him: “Just let this song finish and I’ll help you pack.”

Cooler On The Inside

The  coolest sportswear this side of heaven. It’s “cooler on the inside.” Featuring the “Scotch Luck” gift coin that always makes Father a winner!

Our Concealed Third Eye

Oh, yes! Perhaps you’d like to know how I knew all about you! There is one thing that is different about us Lowandos! Our concealed third eye!

It is … how can I explain … like a built-in radio station! It transmits and receives mental images! See?

The Object Of A Bathing Suit

The object of a bathing suit is to get men to look at you.

Make them know it!