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Talk Tough

Talk Tough Like Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective!

Instead of saying “cigarette,” say “gasper.”

“I smoked about ten gaspers, killed nearly a whole fifth of scotch before I got lunch.”

“I set fire to a gasper to cover my start of surprise.”


On August 6, 1956, a Mr. Tom Fennessey of Libby, Montana received 35 stimulants from Corner Drug & Prescriptions. No cost to him.

Receipt No. 15976

Santa Smokes?

Santa Smokes?

Santa Smokes? Well he did, or maybe he still does. Although now he would have to go outside the toyshop to smoke his favorite cigarette. And, he certainly wouldn’t be seen now in a advertisement for cigarettes or tobacco products in general.



The first known advertisement in the USA was for the snuff and the tobacco products of P. Lokllard & Company and was placed in the New York daily paper in 1789. Before the 1970s, most tobacco advertising was legal in the United States and most European nations.



In the United States, in the 1950s and 1960s, cigarette brands were frequently sponsors of television shows or brightly colored print ads like the ones shown here. In 1964, the Surgeon General of the United States released the Surgeon General’s Advisory Committee Report on Smoking and Health. This report led to laws requiring warning labels on tobacco products and to restrictions on tobacco advertisements.



In April 1970, Congress passed the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act banning the advertising of cigarettes on television and radio starting on January 2, 1971. As a result, Santa hasn’t been seen dragging on a cigarette in many years. Times have changed – for all of us.

Merry Christmas!

Do You?

Everyone hears the voice.

This Page Is Intentionally Left Blank

This Headline Intentionally Left Blank

An intentionally blank page is a page that is devoid of content, and may be unexpected. Such pages may serve purposes ranging from place-holding to space-filling and content separation. Sometimes, these pages carry a notice such as, “This page is intentionally left blank.”

This Page Intentionally Left Blank

Such notices typically appear in printed works, such as legal documents, manuals and exam papers, in which the reader might otherwise suspect that the blank pages are due to a printing error and where missing pages might have serious consequences.

This Tagline Intentionally Left Blank

Pass Up Hitchhikers

Don’t feel hard-hearted when you turn thumbs down on a thumber. One police check of 100 hitchhikers found: 84 with criminal records, 12 AWOL servicemen or runaway youngsters, only four without police records.

Try To Remember

“He wore a straw cap and a dark sport coat.”

Try to remember something about the person to identify him.