Bettie Page Lived In Tulsa

Bettie Page Lived In Tulsa

Yes, it’s true! The Queen of the Pinups lived on Tulsa Time for awhile when she was a small girl. In 1930, Bettie and her family moved to town and lived in a rented home until they were eventually evicted.

Bettie Page Tulsa 1


The Real Bettie Page Cover Richard Foster

The Cover of Richard Foster’s The Real Bettie Page


Bettie Page in Tulsa 2

From the title page of The Real Bettie Page by Richard Foster


Bettie Page In Tulsa 3

Page 10 of The Real Bettie Page (click to enlarge)


Tulsa Oklahoma 1930 Map

Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1930


Bettie Page Tulsa 2

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