The 1957 Book Of Homes

In 1957, the United States Housing & Home Finance Administration formed the Women’s Congress on Housing. This design group was to be a representative view of all the things wanted in a modern home design by the women who manage those homes – the nation’s homemakers.

The National Retail Lumber Dealers Association accepted this home design challenge as well as architects and builders from across the country. The results were presented by Celotex Building Products in a beautiful illustrated volume called the Celotex 1957 Book of Homes. These are some images from that book; unfortunately, a complete rendition of the book, digital or otherwise, cannot be located at this writing.

Some of the top home design features and considerations presented by the Women’s Congress on Housing in 1957 include the following modern amenities for the modern home.

Homemakers Want these Practical Features!

  • Most families need three bedrooms
  • Ample closet and storage space
  • A room for family activities
  • Rooms that offer “quiet”
  • Separate or semi-separate dining space
  • Eating space in the kitchen or family area
  • Easy-to-see-out-of windows
  • Medium-pitched roofs
  • Complete insulation


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