Crazy Ways To Cool Off!

 Crazy Ways To Cool Off!

Wham-O, a name known to almost all, is a toy company located in the U.S.A. This company has produced some of the most memorable toys known to many generations. Wham-O gave us the Frisbee, the Hula Hoop, the Wheely Bar, the Super Ball, Silly String, the Hacky Sack and of course, Super Elastic Bubble Plastic. All of these toys and more were made by Wham-O, whose first product was a simple slingshot made of ash wood.

Three Wham-O products are particularly suited for the hot summertime. Memorable fun-in-the sun products from Wham-O helped kids cool off on many hot summer days. Who cannot forget the Slip ‘n Slide, the Water Wiennie and the Water Wiggle?

Slip 'n Slide Box

Slip ‘N’ Slide was first manufactured by WHAM-O in 1961

Water Wiennie

Water Wiennie was first manufactured by WHAM-O in 1972

Water Wiggle

Water Wiggle was first manufactured by WHAM-O in 1961

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