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How To Perform A J-Turn

A J-turn is a driving maneuver in which a vehicle in reverse is spun 180 degrees and continues, facing forward, without changing direction of travel. The J-turn is also called a “moonshiner’s turn,” a “reverse 180”, a “Rockford Turn”, a “Rockford Spin”, or simply a “Rockford” popularized by the 1970s TV show The Rockford Files.

Watch Jim Rockford embarrass a souped up Corvette with a very slick J-Turn escape!

Girls Demand Excitement!

A sparkling comedy of college cuties, frolicking fraternity boys, intimate indoor sports … and the four-letter word that makes the world go ’round.

Girls Demand Excitement is a 1931 film starring Virginia Cherrill, John Wayne, and Marguerite Churchill. The story of a hard-working college student whose dislike of women attending college weakens under the advances of a spoiled socialite coed.