Smell Like A Captain

The first cologne based on a sea-captain celebrity!

Want to smell like a captain? Sure, who wouldn’t want to smell like Captain Stubing (Gavin McLeod) of Love Boat fame? Hormel made this mens cologne, yes Hormel, the Texas food company that also makes Spam. They also make Dinty Moore, Farmer John, Herdez and Stagg. Who could turn down an offer from such a famous manufacturer of mens fragrances? Odiferous, yes indeed!

Smell Like A Captain

“Your Captain”

Spritz on a little bit of this delicate but masculine scent and you are guaranteed to smell just like:

  • Stale sea water
  • Putrid bilge water
  • Rotting algae
  • Stinky seaweed
  • Seagull poop
  • Pepperoni
  • Genoa salami
  • Sweaty bald head

 Good choice, mate! Sail on . . . 

Author: Dirque du Soleil

He's from the past so he's knows the future.