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The Golden Hour

The golden hour is a period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky. These images were captured on 7 Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica. Sunset is an event to look forward to – every day. You don’t want to miss one if you are there.


©2017  “The Golden Hour”  Eric Hatheway  All Rights Reserved

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Tedd’s Tea Shack

No trip to the town of Negril, Jamaica is complete without a visit to Tedd’s Tea Shack (also known as Mrs. Browns or, Tedd’s Shroom Boom). Tedd’s proudly serves tea, cakes, cold beer, and cold drinks. If you are lucky, you might catch Tedd himself if he’s not napping. They have a convenient shady spot with hammocks where you can relax while Tedd or Mrs. Brown makes your tea.


©2017  “Tedd’s Tea Shack”  Eric Hatheway  All Rights Reserved

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The Office Of Nature

The Office of Nature is an institution on Jamaica’s 7 Mile Beach. It’s a popular little lobster shack that grills up fresh caught lobster while you wait. Simply served with a cold Red Stripe beer, red beans and rice and some toasted bread. Sweet ‘n’ dandy mon!


©2017  “The Office Of Nature”  Eric Hatheway  All Rights Reserved

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Glass Bottom Boat

A glass-bottom boat is a boat with sections of glass, or other suitable transparent material, below the waterline allowing passengers to observe the underwater environment from within the boat.

The view through the glass bottom is better than simply looking into the water from above, because one does not have to look through optically erratic surface disturbances. The effect is similar to that achieved by a diving mask


©2017  “Booby Cay”  Eric Hatheway  All Rights Reserved

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Booby Cay

Booby Cay is an island off the coast of Jamaica. It is located in the Hanover parish, in the western part of the island. Booby Cay is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs that offer some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. A stop on the little island will present the opportunity to eat fresh caught lobster cooked right on the beach. Yeah mon!


©2017  “Booby Cay”  Eric Hatheway  All Rights Reserved

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Blue Cave Castle

There is a castle in Jamaica built on the west coast of Jamaica near the town of Negril (west end near the lighthouse). The castle is built above a cave in the cliffs that was used by pirates in days gone by. The Blue Cave Castle sits 50 feet above the Caribbean Sea and operates as a hotel. It is a very unusual sight to see in a tropical setting.


©2017  “Blue Cave Castle”  Eric Hatheway  All Rights Reserved

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