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Photo Study: Funnel Ball

In my day, it was tetherball. Our common playground game, that is. So this picture came about one day on a photo walk and I had to find out what this strange sculpture on a stick is called. I found out the common playground game today is Funnel Ball. According to an entry on WikiPedia, Funnel Ball is a common playground game in use today. A giant funnel, roughly 5 feet in diameter with a 45 degree pitch, is placed atop a post. The funnel is traditionally made of fiberglass and usually painted white.

Around these parts, the funnels are painted orange, which provides all kinds of contrast possibilities for my eyes. The challenge here, in my opinion was the restraint exercised in the use of the color orange. The color provides the effect on its own, so my job was to let it appear natural and let the color do the work without external controls or enhancements. In pre-visualizing this image it was kept in mind that warm colors advance toward the eye while the cooler colors recede.


©2016 Funnel Ball Eric Wells Hatheway All Rights Reserved

To continue with the Funnel Ball explanation, the exits of the funnel are four 1 foot diameter holes or tubes, projected parallel to the ground, and 90 degrees from each other. Play consists of tossing a basketball or small medicine ball into the mouth of the funnel and waiting for it to exit through one of the holes. Each hole is marked with a point value, 2, 4, 6 and 8 points.

The ball usually processes around inside the funnel for a short time, making the outcome of the shot nearly random. Shots which exit through a desired hole are rare because they require incredible accuracy, and because the target is somewhat hidden. There is no formal score to which games are played, and games can be played with high score winner or low score winner. Both team and “every-player-for-her/himself” games are commonplace.

Coyote Ugly Means Coyote Dead

Coyote ugly means coyote dead. This image originates in an area of North Central Oklahoma that is known as Red Dirt Country and was the original land opened for settlement in the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889. This sight was spotted along a fence line abutting a section line road near Mulhall, Oklahoma in Logan County.


Coyote Ugly ©2016 Eric Hatheway All Rights Reserved

For many years, ranchers and farmers have strung-up dead coyotes on their fence posts as a warning to other predatory animals in the area. This gruesome practice also alerts other farmers and ranchers in the area that a landowner has experienced a recent problem with predators on their land. And, one could also assume that the gory site of a strung-up dead coyote would also deter humans from entering private land where they most certainly will be shot.

Photo Study: Gimme Shelter

This is an image of a tornado shelter in North Central Oklahoma, or “Red Dirt Country.” Specifically, Logan County near Mulhall. This area is also famously known as “tornado alley.” On this day, a particularly dramatic atmosphere prior to a storm made for a great photograph before we headed the other way back home just in time to avoid the storm.


©2016 Gimme Shelter Eric Wells Hatheway All Rights Reserved

Photo Study: Still Life With Grapes And Hat

A still life is a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter with typically commonplace objects which may be either natural (grapes) or man-made objects (straw hat). Sometimes you have to arrange the still life scene and sometimes the still life just presents itself to you.


©2016 Still Life With Grapes And Hat Eric Wells Hatheway All Rights Reserved

Photo Study: Leaf Catcher

This is a simple still life photograph of a pool skimmer in which good exposure and some brilliant light make for a striking photographic image. This photograph is technically a black & white image that was produced by using a photographic technique called split-toning.


©2016 Leaf Catcher Eric Wells Hatheway All Rights Reserved

Split-toning is an effect which has its origins in the days of film and it involves tinting the highlights in a black & white image one color and the shadows another color. Split-tone effects make for brilliant tonal shifts and exotic colorations in a black & white image.

Photo Series: Abandoned Slippers

Slipper, the word is recorded in English in 1478, deriving from the much older verb to slip, the notion being of footwear that is “slipped” onto the foot. These particular slippers were found abandoned on a back porch next to their new friend, the stone door stop. Unoccupied shoes seem mysterious and lonely especially when seen outside of a domestic environment where they really don’t belong. What do you think?



©2016 Abandoned Slippers Series Eric Wells Hatheway All Rights Reserved

Photo Series: Keystone Community Center

These are some striking architectural images taken of the Keystone Community Center located in Keystone State Park near Mannford and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The structure was designed by MODA Architecture who has earned an Honor Award from A.I.A. for utilizing native materials while taking full advantage of site planning which placed it on a hill overlooking Lake Keystone.







©2016 Keystone Community Center Series Eric Wells Hatheway All Rights Reserved