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Take Me Back To Tulsa (I’m Too Young To Marry)

Take Me Back To Tulsa  (I’m Too Young To Marry)

Take Me Back to Tulsa is a Western Swing standard song. Today this favorite song of mine is especially significant. You see I was born and raised in Tulsa and today I am getting married.

Well, I’m older than I care to admit and it’s my first wedding. So, would I like to go back to Tulsa? Boy I sure would. Let me off at Archer and I’ll walk down to Greenwood. Take me back to Tulsa ….

The song was created when Bob Wills and Tommy Duncan added words to one of Bob Wills old fiddle tunes in 1940. The song takes its name from the chorus: “Take me back to Tulsa, I’m too young to marry.”

Take Me Back To Tulsa Cover

The song is a series of unrelated, mostly nonsensical, rhyming couplets such as “Little bee sucks the blossom, big bee gets the honey” and “Poor man picks the cotton, rich man gets the money.”

Take Me Back To Tulsa Music 1

Take Me Back To Tulsa Lyrics by Tommy Duncan Music by Bob Wills Copyright 1941

Take Me Back To Tulsa Music 2

Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys performed the song in his 1940 movie Take Me Back to Oklahoma. Of course, Bob also played the song in the house that he built – The Cain’s Ballroom – in Tulsa.

Cain’s Ballroom is a historic music venue located in Tulsa, Oklahoma,. It was built in 1924 to serve as a garage. Madison W. “Daddy” Cain purchased the building in 1930 and named it Cain’s Dance Academy, where he charged 10¢ for dance lessons.


The Cain’s Ballroom “The House That Bob Built” 423 North Main Street in Tulsa.

The Cain’s Ballroom was the site of The Texas Playboys’ first regular radio broadcast on KVOO (the Kind Voice of Oklahoma), and they continued to play Take Me Back To Tulsa and all their other songs there regularly for years.

Many other famous acts have played at The Cain’s since Bob quit playing there in 1942. Acts such as U2, The Sex Pistols, Elvis Costello, Elvin Bishop, Hank Williams and Tex Ritter. The Cain’s Ballroom was recently ranked at #26 worldwide for ticket sales at club venues.  It really is Tulsa’s Timeless Honky Tonk.

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Take Me Back To Tulsa  (I’m Too Young To Marry)

Photo Study: St. Francis Hospital (New Patient Tower)

Photo Study: St. Francis Hospital (New Patient Tower)

The New Patient Tower at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It was opened in late 2014 and the bottom floor contains one of the most advanced emergency rooms and trauma centers in the United States and probably the entire world.

Saint Francis Hospital 9x9

©2016 St. Francis Hospital (New Patient Tower) Eric Wells Hatheway All Rights Reserved

Shot with a Fujifilm X-T1 Graphite Silver camera and a Fujinon 27mm f/2.8 lens.

Camera Settings: ISO 200  27mm at f/4.5  1/850 sec.  


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Happy 50th Birthday To Tulsa’s Golden Driller!

Happy 50th Birthday to Tulsa’s Golden Driller!

The O.D. “The Original Driller” (1959) Kodachrome Slide Scans

The Golden Driller was originally called “The Roustabout” …. 

Original Tulsa Driller 1

The first International Petroleum Exposition after World War II was held in 1948. The event was planned to occur every 5 years. In 1953, the O.D. made his first appearance in Tulsa. The Mid-Continent Supply Company commissioned the Golden Driller statue.

Original Tulsa Driller 2

He proved so popular that he reappeared at the 1959 I.P.E. In 1966, the Golden Driller as we now know it was installed at the Tulsa fairgrounds. The I.P.E. was held in Tulsa until 1979.

Golden Driller Lying Down

The Golden Driller in 1966. He’s been standing ever since.

Tulsa Golden Driller Present Day

The Golden Driller as he stands today in Tulsa, Oklahoma. You might say the O.D. is the father of Tulsa’s beloved and iconic Golden Driller.
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You may visit this tall gentleman at the Tulsa Expo Center (Fairgrounds). The address is 4145 East 21st Street in Tulsa.
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Obverse Tulsa Skyline

Obverse Tulsa Skyline

Most cities have a distinctive and memorable skyline and Tulsa, Oklahoma is no exception. By the way, we refrain from using the tired word “iconic” around here. Since I was a child, a hackneyed perspective of our skyline has been the typical Chamber of Commerce type of picture shot from the other side of these grand buildings. This overworked view of the skyline has been used on phone books, billboards, advertising etc. throughout the years and is etched in the minds of all Tulsa citizens.

Obverse Tulsa Skyline (Color)

But, nobody seems to have shown the obverse of that image. So, here is that obverse image of the Tulsa skyline. This image is timely and appropriate because our downtown area has recently experienced a rejuvenation and the action is all happening on the obverse side of the skyline – the Brady Arts District and the Blue Dome District. 

Obverse Tulsa Skyline (B&W)

Obverse Tulsa Skyline ©2011 Eric Hatheway All Rights Reserved

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Bettie Page Lived In Tulsa

Bettie Page Lived In Tulsa

Yes, it’s true! The Queen of the Pinups lived on Tulsa Time for awhile when she was a small girl. In 1930, Bettie and her family moved to town and lived in a rented home until they were eventually evicted.

Bettie Page Tulsa 1


The Real Bettie Page Cover Richard Foster

The Cover of Richard Foster’s The Real Bettie Page


Bettie Page in Tulsa 2

From the title page of The Real Bettie Page by Richard Foster


Bettie Page In Tulsa 3

Page 10 of The Real Bettie Page (click to enlarge)


Tulsa Oklahoma 1930 Map

Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1930


Bettie Page Tulsa 2