Aqua Net And Beyond!

Aqua Net And Beyond!

Hair Spray (also called hair lacquer) is a common cosmetic product that is sprayed onto hair to keep it stiff or in a certain style. Modern hair sprays were developed around the time of the aerosol spray can in the 1940s.

The most famous and trusted hairspray of all is, of course, Aqua Net. Known for its extra-super holding power, Aqua Net has held up some of the best high-to-the-heavens hairdos from the 1940s to the 1980s. And even today, Aqua Net is still the most trusted hold-it-place hairspray on the market. It’s all about the superior control, the super hold and super volume. All day and even all night!

Aqua Net 3

 “All Day All Over Hold”

Aqua Net 4

 All day hold for lasting control. Even at night.

Aqua Net 1

Shake can before use. Keep can upright 10-12 inches from hair and spray evenly. Replace cap after use.

Aqua Net 2

Flammable. Avoid heat, fire, flame and smoking while spraying. Avoid spraying in eyes. Do not ingest. Keep away from children.

Author: Dirque du Soleil

He's from the past so he's knows the future.