Cute Meets Deadly: The Hello Kitty Assault Rifle

In 1994, a ban on assault rifles was instituted by President Clinton and it has since expired – except for a ban in California. The ban on assault rifles in California is aimed at weapons that serve no purpose in the hands of citizens. Specifically, the California ban identifies and bans the so-called “evil features” of military style weapons. These features include, but are not limited to, plastic grips, bayonet fixtures and barrel cowlings. Of course, these features are strictly cosmetic additions to the weapon and do not affect the lethality of the weapon itself – but as such they have been deemed “evil features.” What if these “evil features” are presented in a “non-evil” way? Hmmm….someone in California has discovered the loophole in the California ban on assault weapons and it’s cute – very cute. What do you think?

Now you can proudly brandish your very own Hell Kitten AR-15 Assault Rifle! It eliminates those pesky “evil features” and replaces them with “cute features” complete with Hello Kitty logos and cartoon flowers – all in a very cute, soothing and non-threatening shade of pink. The Hell Kitten AR-15 is completely legal in California since it has “cute features” instead of those nasty “evil features” that the California legislators targeted. This modified version of the AR-15 assault rifle has what looks to be a cute 30 round magazine attached, but due to the modifications, it holds only 10 rounds of cute pink bullets (sold separately, of course).

Just in case you thought this was a PhotoShop job ….

Happy Hunting and Stay Cute!

Author: Lumbergh Sales Manager