Hi-Fi Shopping


There used to be a term called high-fidelity, or hi-fi for short, that was used by music fans and stereo enthusiasts to refer to a high-quality reproduction of sound in a home environment. Hi-fi was used to set stereo sets apart from lower quality sound reproduction systems.

Hi-Fi Shop

Stereo systems were purchased in glorious stores specializing in such things. There were lots of amps, pre-amps, headphones, speakers and numerous accessories to choose from. It was a big deal to go shopping for a new stereo. A real big deal, yes sir.

The stereo system became a focal point in our living rooms, dens, and rumpus rooms. This was partly because the equipment was huge – the bigger the speakers the better – the more watts the better. A really good stereo system was a source of pride and represented endless enjoyment. Endless enjoyment with big sound!

Hi-Fi Shopping

Today, it’s all digital and portable. And cheap. Today’s homes lack that central focal point that we enjoyed so much back then. The modern living room has been converted into movie theaters where the bigger the screen the better and seven speakers is too few. That is a whole different argument, because we’re taking big sound here. The way it is supposed to be heard and enjoyed.

We need our stereos back in a big way. These little tiny speakers pretending to be big speakers just doesn’t cut it for the true music fan. Get me a big amp and some big clear studio quality speakers please. Please. Our ears certainly aren’t smaller. That’s for sure.

Stereo Den

This is what I’m talking’ about!

Sony Stereo Setup

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