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A short discourse with Fraunces Supersoft, an AI ChatBot Trainee

Ballyhoo: Authentic Intelligence.

Fraunces Supersoft: “Authentic Intelligence” is not a well-known or widely used term in the field of artificial intelligence.

Ballyhoo: Haha, I would think not.

Fraunces Supersoft: Is it possible that you intended to ask about “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” which refers to the simulation of human intelligence in computers and machine systems.

Ballyhoo: No, it is not possible. The omission of my qualifying word, “authentic,” in your response indicates artificiality as it does not recognize the source of what you would claim to be intelligence and what I am calling authentic – that is, human intelligence.

Fraunces Supersoft: I have a meeting in a few minutes and the network is getting kinda busy so I’ll talk to you later.

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