Beer Has A Huge Pint-Sized Problem!

You’ve just paid $3.00 per gallon for gasoline. So, if there is any money left in your pocket, you just might stop at your favorite tavern on the way home for a frosty $5.00 pint of beer. But wait, that pint of beer you are accustomed to drinking has been shrunk to 14 ounces and you paid for a pint – 16 ounces. D’oh!


The beer industry has slowly raised prices over the past few years as the price of hops and barley has risen dramatically. The increased cost of brewing beer is now being passed along to taverns and restaurants which has lead some dispensers of the golden liquid to start “short pouring” their customers by using smaller 14 ounce “pint” glasses called “falsies” or “cheater pints.” This is reminiscent of when coffee manufacturers resized the pound of coffee to 13 ounces by not filling coffee cans with an honest pound. Some establishments are even dispensing beer as a “profit pour” by using the foam to occupy more space in the cheater glass. Beer drinkers have noticed and they are starting to complain.


Not only are the beer drinkers complaining, they are fighting back. Websites and discussion forums dedicated to the subject of beer are now directly exposing bars and restaurants that engage in the use of the 14 ounce falsie beer glasses while giving free advertising plugs to those who still pour an honest pint of beer.

”…raise a fist and refuse to pay.”

BeerAdvocate Magazine

The founder of BeerAdvocate Magazine is urging beer drinkers to “raise a fist and refuse to pay” when served a short poured pint of beer. If that’s not your style, then next time you feel shorted on your pint, ask for a “top-off” after the foam on their profit pour has settled. After the initial surprise of being caught cheating, the bartender will probably just give you the beer.

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