O.K. Dunwell – Master Designer

This is the honorable O.K. Dunwell, born in 1889 in Mulhall, Oklahoma. Mister Dunwell was a Master Designer, Illustrator, Engraver, Illuminator, Colorist, Ornamentalist, Flourisher, and Embellisher who eventually became known as the Father of Design Templates.

You can design anything I can, but why?

I’ve already done it for you.

O.K. Dunwell, Master Designer

©2022 Eric Hatheway

I did not invent Helvetica.

I don’t know why you would think that.

O.K. Dunwell, Master Designer

O.K Dunwell’s graphic design templates, called “Boiler Plates” by those in the industry, can be found on this artist’s profile page on Kittl.com and featured in various spots throughout the Kittl site as well. Give ’em a try, O.K. has done all the heavy lifting for you.

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