Some Thoughts On Balance

“Objects are immediately seen as having a certain size as well as having a location in space.  No object is seen as being unique or isolated.  A scale of size, a scale of brightness, or a scale of distance is always present in the total visual/perceptual field.”

“To be seen, an object must be assigned a place in the whole. Perception involves not only the placement of objects, shapes, colors, etc. but an interplay of directed tensions.  These tensions are not created by the viewer but are inherent forces within the image.”

Negril, Jamaica May 9, 2017

“Balance is a state wherein the forces acting upon an object compensate for the presence of each other. A pure state of balance causes all action to cease.”

“Balance does not require symmetry.” [repeated 3 times]

“The properties of weight and direction are always dynamic.” [always not maybe]

Author: The Artist

Artist, Designer & Photographer

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