Vintage Budweiser Print Ads

The Budweiser brand as we know it may very well have flown to Europe when the purchase of the American brand by Belgian company InBev was completed for $70 per share ($52 billion). Budweiser may be the King of Beers but it also could be called the King of Advertising as well. With one of the largest marketing budgets in the world for the past century, Budweiser has been on the edge of advertising creativity and a part of our American experience for as long as anyone can remember.

Budweiser is well known to us for their edgy and humorous approaches to selling their products in television advertising. But, before television advertising became the staple of the corporate advertising budget there was the print ad. Highly colorful and very expressive, these vintage Budweiser print ads should make your feelings for our favorite American brand a lot warmer.

Those were the days…

Author: Dirque du Soleil

He's from the past so he's knows the future.