Juxtapose This

“Juxtaposition is the act of positioning close together–as in a side-by-side composition.”

“Random juxtaposition causes the stimulation of creativity in art, design or other lesser creative pursuits by contrasting two unrelated concepts or objects. Usually the goal or problem to be solved is on the one hand and a randomly selected object or concept is on the other.”

“Either physically or in time – being placed next to.”

“So as to permit comparison(s) and/or contrast(s).”

“The position of objects one upon the other in order to create meaning within the viewer’s mind.”

“Opposites are placed next to each other so as to emphasize the contrast and allow for comparisons.”

“A logical fallacy on the part of an observer, wherein two items placed next to each other imply a correlation, when none is actually claimed. In itself a very powerful tool for use or misuse and one of the greatest tools an artist can utilize.”

“Apposition is synonymous with juxtaposition, for real.”

These two images are juxtaposed – are they creating a meaning in your mind? Now, compare and contrast those meanings.

Author: The Artist

Artist, Designer & Photographer